HR Recruitment

HR Recruitment

Specialized HR recruitment service provided by our companies lets breathe easily. We provide HR service for a wide range of companies across various domains efficiently meeting all the requisite criteria. We are one among leading HR specialists known for our dexterity in handling responsibilities and complex issues of recruiting, hiring, and managing efficient employee data base. We know the present scenario of business organization where they need people having skill sets in multiple verticals who are efficient to meet the objectives of the company successfully. The zeal and determination of an employee decides the fate of the company in a long run.
Specialized services are provided by the HR team. Our expert professionals acts as

  • HR consultant/Business partner
  • HR Manager/Director/General Manager
  • Advisor/HR Coordinator
  • We play significant role in the Education field
  • Learning consultant
  • Learning Manager
  • Instructional Designer
  • OD consultant

We are specialized HR recruitment agency provide efficient services in recruitment consultancy, talent acquisition and talent manager. As experienced HR recruitment consultants we take privilege to tell you that we are known for our abilities in identifying suitable talents and developing position description, planning and implementing recruitment strategies. We are also experts in executing recruitment documents for our clients. We serve across a wide spectrum of domains.
Hire our expert professionals for the following roles

Hire our expert professionals for the following roles
  • Hiring Manager
  • Service Centre Co-ordinator
  • Organizational human resource person
  • Human resource classification Analyst
  • Human resources recruitment Analyst
  • Search committee
  • Affirmative action and compliance
  • Equal Employment and affirmative action
  • Affirmative action and compliance officer

Hiring is not at a simple task as often mistaken by the organization. An extensive, efficient recruitment service requires thorough combing and searching. We maintain wide data base with frequent updating always maintaining track of perfect employees and job seekers list ready to recruit.

We focus on the objectives of our clients and act accordingly often surpassing their expectation by providing efficient recruitment service in record timings. We provide induction training as per the requirements of our clients. Customized services are provided based on the request of specific organizations.

We are also experts in providing HR advisory services. We understand the constraints and abilities of expert and experienced employees and match them with the prospective employers thus maintain coordination between employers and employees effectively.
Our clients are satisfied with our service in the fields of

  • Compensation and classification
  • Conflict management
  • Disability management
  • Faculty and staff assistance program
  • Performance management

HR Consultants is a team of professionals who have been working with recruitment process outsourcing companies in various fields for more than a decade.

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